I will be posting here periodically about some of the hardware and software I use to create music, and will basically use this site as a place to connect with the online community. I will also post a few tracks of my own here and there, but ultimately the objective of this site is to connect and help composers and film / game developers alike find the tools they need to become successful. Check back for product reviews of composing gear; composition techniques working with sampled instruments and live musicians; new music and how I create it; life lessons learned along the way; etc… you get the point :)

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About me … I am an award-winning composer with over ten years experience writing music for films, video games, television, trailers, and other media. When I’m not composing music, I love being outdoors, hiking, surfing, travelling, and connecting with and learning from people around me. For more music and inquiries, please visit my primary site at www.jeffheim.net.

“Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art.”
Claude Debussy